Black Warrior Records

A New Wave of Independent Music Labels.

Black Warrior Records was born out of the gradual shift in the music business at the turn of the 21st Century.  As larger labels in every genre were trying to figure out how to generate sales in this new climate, artists who were not established stars were pushed out of the recording market.  In 2000, Fred McFarlane, a celebrated R&B producer/writer, suggested to Sherman Irby that jazz artists should start their own labels, much like hip hop artists at the time.  The following year, Irby launched his new label with its first release, Black Warrior.  Since then, Black Warrior Records has released six albums, five by Mr. Irby’s various groups, and one by composer/bandleader Andy Farber.


Black Warrior Records is at the forefront of a wave of successful independent labels, and continues to provide quality music to jazz fans worldwide.